The Marine Applied Research and New Technologies S.A. (MARNET S.A.) was established in 1993 in Greece, as a consulting and research engineering Company.

The activities of the Company include a wide range of engineering consulting services and applied research in port, coastal and environmental engineering, structural design and mechanical engineering.

MARNET’s professional engineering licenses are categorized as follows:

All MARNET’s experts carry considerable experience in engineering design, academic research, consulting and industry. The Company is also associated with a number of consultants in a broad range of disciplines whose services are utilised on a project-by-project basis.

The Company has already undertaken conceptual, preliminary and detailed designs, feasibility studies, Environmental Impact Studies, preparation of tender documents, expertise, and project and construction management. The main fields of activity are:

  • Maritime Transport (freight transport and sea-route design, feasibility studies, combined transport projects etc.)
  • Port Planning (port system development, port master planning etc.)
  • Harbour Works (seaports and terminals, small craft harbours and Marinas, loading/unloading facilities etc.)
  • Coastal Protection and Management (protection of eroding coasts, land reclamation, beach nourishment etc.)
  • Structural Analysis (building complexes, road bridges, storage facilities etc.)
  • Electromechanical Installations (building networks, port networks and equipment, railway tunnels ventilation and aerodynamics etc.)
  • Environment (environmental impact assessment studies, models for prediction of accidental pollution, siltation prediction modelling etc.)
  • Project and Construction Management

The incorporation of modelling and artificial intelligence in CAE especially in the fields of Harbour and Coastal Engineering and Marine Environment, is one of MARNET’s main activities, as being part of its staff experience for the last twenty years.

MARNET S.A. has developed numerical tools simulating the natural coastal processes, including sea wave development, sea current circulation, sediment transport, as well as the evolution of coastline due the aforementioned natural phenomena. These models are extensively used in the design of harbour works, in case-studies involving erosion or siltation of coastal areas and the related environmental impact, as well as in coastal and marine pollution prevention projects. In this sector the Company works in close collaboration with the British research institute HR Wallingford, having also access to its modelling software and sea hydraulics testing facilities.

MARNET S.A. is also supporting research activities concerning the assessment of environmental impact from the construction and operation of ports and marinas and the compilation of recommendations for the protection of the environment from such projects. For the successful integration of this task MARNET S.A. is in close cooperation with the European scientific research community working in the fields of coastal and marine environment, utilising their expertise and their information resources.

MARNET S.A. is registered with the Greek Government (Ministry of Environment, Regional Planning and Public Works – Reg. No. 466) and also with the World Bank (Vendor No. 69978). The Company is certified for its services according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015.

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EN ISO 9001:2015


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EN ISO 14001:2015

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EN ISO 14001:2015