South coast of Albania (from Saranda to Vlora)

Client: WORLD BANK, Washington

The objective of the study was to provide input for the appraisal of the proposed Albania Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Cleanup program. The Consultant assisted the Bank team to evaluate the nautical tourism potential of Albania’s southern coastal zone and the entry points to that, and assessed the potential of transforming the port of Saranda from a secondary port within the national transport network into a tourism and commercial gateway to the valued Albania’s southern coastal zone.

The Consultant carried out also the assessment of the potential demand of transient nautical tourism and relevant infrastructure/facilities required and prioritized actions to the selected sites (Ksamili, Saranda, Kakome, Bunesh, Borsh, Porto Palermo, Laman, Himara, Jali, Dhermi, Orikum, Vlora).

Services provided:

  • Traffic forecasts concerning domestic and international sea transport
  • Transport access to/from the port of Saranda
  • Required development for port infrastructure and facilities (landside and waterside) in Saranda area
  • Alternative development concepts for passenger and freight port locations
  • Institutional port reformation required facilitating tourist and international passenger traffic
  • Institutional port reformation required to provide efficient import/export facilities
  • Assessment of potential demand of nautical tourism and relevant facilities