Gulf of South Evia

Client: Chalkida Cements S.A.
Period of construction: January 1998 – May 1998

Dredging of the navigation channel (5.5 km length and -12 m depth), in order to serve the present and under construction marine facilities in the Gulf of South Evia (Chalkida Cements S.A., New South HarboUr of Chalkida, Shipyard).

Services provided:

Investigation study for the stability of the channel’s slopes and assessment of the accretion of the channel due to sediment deposition by using mathematical models, in order to predict the frequency of the required maintenance dredging. For the needs of this study, the following were performed:

  • Measurements of currents’ velocities and directions, water’s physical parameters and concentrations of floating sediments, as well as sediment analysis.
  • Simulation of seawater circulation (using TELEMAC-2D by HR-Wallingford) and sediment transport in the channel (using SUBIEF by HR-Wallingford)

Budget of works: 30,000,000 €