Lefkada, Ionian Sea, Greece

Client: Region of Ionian Islands

Period of services: November 2013 – December 2016

Deepening, widening and signalization of the navigation channel of Lefkada, rehabilitation of the port’s quays and construction of anti-sedimentation groynes:

  • Deepening of the 6km long navigation channel at -6.0m and widening up to 70m, including sheet piling and rip-rap protection of the banks
  • Construction of a new 307m long quay in the port of Lefkada, on reinforced concrete piles
  • Construction of three anti-sedimentation groynes, of a total length of 375m, at the northern entrance of the channel
  • Signalization of the navigation channel according to IALA regulations

Services provided:

  • Coastal Engineering Study
  • Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design of marine works
  • Wave disturbance study applying mathematical models
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Tender documents drafting
  • Project Management (incl. Technical Assistance to the supervising authority during the construction)

Budget of works: 29,000,000 €