Corinth, Greece

Client: ATHINA S.A.

A 139 berths yacht shelter for leisure yachts of various sizes that includes:

a) Marine works: windward breakwater (consisting of a permanent and a floating section) of 200m total length, leeward breakwater of 55m total length, quay walls of 150m total length, floating pontoons of 144m total length.

b) Land area works: reclaimed land area of a total surface of 3,530sq.m. land area of 5,000 m., including yacht’s dry storage and a 80 dry berths maintenance area, parking spaces and green areas.

Services provided:

  • Yacht shelter licensing dossier
  • Geotechnical Research and Study
  • Detailed design of marine works
  • Final design of land area works
  • Detailed design of electromechanical installations
  • Environmental Impact Study

Budget of works: 7,500,000 €