Client: Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund / Greek Ministry of Finance

Duration of services offered: February 2012 – February 2018

Technical/commercial advisor to the Hellenic Republic in connection with the privatisation of 12 ports and their port infrastructure (indicatively port terminals, container terminals, car terminals, cruise terminals etc). The 12 port companies are: Piraeus Port Authority SA, Thessaloniki Port Authority SA, Elefsina Port Authority SA, Lavrion Port Authority SA, ) Rafina Port Authority SA, Igoumenitsa Port Authority SA, Alexandroupolis Port Authority SA, Volos Port Authority SA, Kavala Port Authority SA, Corfu Port Authority SA, Patras Port Authority, and Heraklion Port Authority SA.

Services provided:

 – Review of the Greek and regional macroeconomic environment with emphasis to the ports and port infrastructure (Balkans, Eastern Europe)

– Market Review (Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern and Central Europe)

  • Assessment of the port industry
  • Existing regulatory regime concerning the ports and their infrastructure
  • Key industry trends
  • Profile of market growth potential
  • Development of market shares
  • Historic and projected development
  • Competitive landscape (East Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea ports)
  • Competitors [Herfindhal-Hirschman Index to calculate the amount of competition and complementarity among ports]
  • Key success factors [Key Performance Indicators]

– Review and evaluation of the 12 ports infrastructure

  • Port catchment area and hinterland
  • Assets
  • Facility characteristics
  • Port equipment
  • Port technical staff

– Review and evaluation of the 12 ports commercial issues

  • Positioning in the market (local, regional, etc.)
  • Commercial strategy
  • Management organization

– Review of actual logistics and operational performance

  • Maritime Connectivity
  • Intermodal Connectivity
  • On-Time performance
  • Mean-Time Customer Clearance
  • Quality of Port Community systems
  • Ship Turnaround time

– SWOT analysis

– Compilation of National Port Paper

– Business plans, financial forecasts and financial models for the 12 port companies

– Preparation of Vendor’s Due Diligence Reports (for the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki)

– Assistance during the transactions procedure for the prequalification and selection of buyers/bidders (for the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki)