Lefkada Island, Ionian Sea, Greece

Client: Municipality of Apollonion, Lefkada

A 90 berths yacht shelter for leisure yachts of various sizes that includes:

a) Marine works: windward breakwater of 308m total length, leeward breakwater consisting of five different structural sections (vertical quay walls, reinforced concrete bridgework, islet, floating breakwater, roundhead).

b) Land area works: building of 417sq.m. total surface (shops, cafés, offices and storage rooms, amenities)

Services provided:

  • Amendment of the yacht shelter licensing dossier
  • Geological-Geotechnical Survey
  • Wave Climate Prediction study applying numerical models
  • Detailed design of marine works
  • Detailed architectural design
  • Detailed structural design
  • Detailed design of electromechanical installations
  • Preparation of tender documents

Budget of works: 16,120,000 €